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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boundary Peak Run - Sunday, May 2nd

A last-minute run addition. Final tune-up for the Jemez Mountain Runs. 24mi Boundary Peak Run, Sunday May 2nd. 6400 feet climbing. Fun.

Meet 7am, Ponderosa Campground.

Ponderosa -> Frijoles Canyon -> Alamo Canyon -> Capulin Canyon -> Boundary Peak -> Stone Lions -> Lower Alamo -> Lumis Canyon -> Frijoles Rim -> Upper Crossing -> Ponderosa.

Done by noon?

David Coblentz,, 505-412-8304.

1 comment:

Bob said...

I would assume that the course goes from Stone Lions to Frijoles Canyon by Middle Alamo. Going all the way to Lower Alamo next to the Rio Grande adds 7.7 miles.
The course without the out-and-back between Capulin Canyon and Boundary Peak is, according to measurements by John Cappis, 22.7 miles.
Boundary Peak is a 2.8 mile detour each way.
In case of thunder storms late in the run, consider adding a mile by going to Bandelier Headquarters (with tap water) and up the bottom of Frijoles Canyon and not on the south rim, which is very open to bad weather.
Bob Reedy