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The runs are informal, small-group activities intended to encourage camaraderie rather than competition. There is no sponsoring organization, just a loose-knit group of interested trail runners who enjoy running trails across the landscape of New Mexico (and adjacent parts of Colorado and Texas).

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NOTE: Please contact the Race Directors beforehand of your plans to attend, or you may show up at the start alone.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Watermelon Run is on

This from Andrea Feucht:

You are receiving this email because you have either contacted me THIS YEAR about the Watermelon Run, or you have expressed interest before. It is not a huge list, so pass on the love to your friends, and if you can RSVP to me that is MUCH APPRECIATED.

4/2/2011: Watermelon Run in the Sandia Foothills and Sandia Crest – 20.x miles of roly-poly, UP, roly-downy, DOWN, and then flat.

Here is the map, to get yourselves acquainted:

LOCATION: The farthest possible Pino-side parking lot of the loop-de-loop of the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area. On the map it’s the little START arrow. If I remember correctly there are bathrooms there. Bring a couple bucks in case they make you pay to park.

Start time is SEVEN AM: 7 a.m. Arrive at least by 6:45. I want to have most of you outta here shortly after noon before it is hot for too long.

NO AID PROMISED: bring your water, snackies, and sunscreen. I will try to have both beverages and snacks at the finish, but if my brain leaks out of my ears during my Organic Chem midterm I cannot be held responsible for your hunger. J Besides, fasting is good for you.



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