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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mesa to Mesa 50K

Our cabin in the woods
107 Bonito Way

Just wanted to send out a reminder that on November 5th Deb and I will be hosting the Mesa to Mesa 50K. The run is planned to start at 8am, which begins and ends at our house in Sierra Los Pinos in the Jemez. Our address is 107 Bonito Way in Jemez Springs and is located at around MP33 on Route 4.
The plan is to have a post run get together with a BBQ, so if you have anything you'd like to throw on the grill, bring it. Otherwise we'll just have the usual inexpensive fare like Hamburgers and hot dogs. Deb and I are mostly vegetarians, so will also have some good quality veggie burgers. Bring what you'd like to drink and anyone is welcome to stay the night, bring a sleeping bag, we have plenty of floor space.
A bottle of Ponderosa wine to the first male and female finishers.

As for the run details, we will leave our house and head down the dirt hill to FR10, follow that up to the cattle guard  about 2 miles and go over to FR 269 down San Juan Mesa (very runnable and mostly downhill, miles 3-15) to 290 through Ponderosa to Bridge Rd. This is around 15/16 miles. You'll then follow Bridge Rd up on Cat Mesa (almost all mild uphill on dirt road) to the Caldwell Trail (steep single track trail downhill at mile 30) to FR 135 and back to our house. The distance measures 33 miles on MapMyRun and here is the link From this you can get a GPX to load onto your GPS or print a map. Deb and I will be doing a little course marking on difficult turns, but it's pretty straight forward. We'll also drop water at around mile 3, mile 15/16 and mile 30, so you'll need to carry a good amount of water. If we can, we'll put water in the section between 16 and 30, but no guarantees.There is no water up on the mesas to treat!
We're planning on doing a practice run/course marking on Oct 29th and will send out a report after that on trail conditions, course marking to be expected, etc.

There's a possibility that there might be a prescribed burn on Cat Mesa at this time and if so we will have an alternate route rather than choke on smoke. The alternate will mostly be the Battleship Rock Marathon, which is another run we've conjured up for the MTNRNR series. Starting at Battleship Rock on Rte 4, we'll follow the trail (Trail# 137, East Fork Trail) to Las Conchas and back. The first 6 miles or so are uphill, then rolling single track to the East Fork of the Jemez River, following that trail along the Jemez to the Rte 4 intersection at Las Conchas and back, which means a nice 6 mile downhill at the end. We're guessing it's around 26 miles, so thus a marathon. We'd then either go back to our house for a get together or have that at the Battleship Rock parking area, where they have fire pits for cooking. I'll know after the 29th or sooner whether we'll need to make this change or not.

You can contact me at or my cell phone is 505-695-1151, home phone is 575-829-4282. There is no cell service after passing the Jemez Pueblo if coming from the West or after leaving Los Alamos, if coming from the East.
If you remember to, let us know you're coming so we can plan in advance.
Steve and Deb Pero

Where the post run party will be

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Jim said...

Looks like fun. I will be there.