This site is an informational portal for informal trail runs in the mountains of New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and West (far far west) Texas.

The runs are informal, small-group activities intended to encourage camaraderie rather than competition. There is no sponsoring organization, just a loose-knit group of interested trail runners who enjoy running trails across the landscape of New Mexico (and adjacent parts of Colorado and Texas).

The purpose of this website is to provide coordination and information for those interested in joining the runs.

NOTE: Please contact the Race Directors beforehand of your plans to attend, or you may show up at the start alone.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

New schedule and calender

I have added the 2012 schedule to the right and it will also be added to the calender at the bottom of the page. Hopefully this will make it easier to see when and where the runs will be held.

The schedule is still early and unconfirmed by most of the run directors, but I will update the dates as they get confirmed or remove events if necessary. If anyone out there wants to add an event, let me know.



C. Gerber said...

Hey Steve,
I can't 'see' the calendar at the bottom. I tried opening the website in Internet Explorer and Firefox. What do I need to do?

Carol Gerber

Steve Pero said...

Hi Carol...

Not sure if this is still your email or not.

I just checked in Chrome and Firefox and it shows up in Chrome, but not FF. I'll have to look into this. As a backup, I have the identical schedule
shown on the right column at the top. I can also send you a link to view
the calender directly through Google, if you'd like.

Hope this helps and hope to see you on the trails somewhere,

Gloria said...

Hi Steve,
I can 'see' the calendar in Google now....guess I have to login? However, it says this: "Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them." How do I get permission? Seems like this should be easier! :)
I didn't get your last message. My e-mail is