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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three Peaks

Three Peaks will be run this Saturday, Aug 13th, starting at 9am. The reason for the 9am start is I was asked to RD this run because Kris is sick and I'm driving there from up in the Jemez and have a 2 hour drive.

Details are below, Below is a link to a map, you can get the GPS waypoints from that link. I'll also print out several maps.

Here is a link to a Google Earth view of the run

Not sure about what those water locations are, but I won't be dropping water. They are possibly creeks that you can draw from, I'll have my Steripen with me if you run with me and my dogs. Starting at 9 we should still be off the mountain before the storms move in, if not we can drop down early if it looks dangerous.

See you there!
Steve Pero

Here are some details from Kris Kern:
Start at Windsor Trail head in the Ski Basin Parking Lot. Run down the
paved road to the Aspen Vista Trail Head (large parking area on left of
road), approx 2 mi. Follow dirt road from Aspen Vista TH to top of Ski
Area, approx 6 mi. Just after the road passes under the chair lift it
makes a sharp switchback to the right and heads to the radio towers. At
this switchback, leave the road and continue straight (north) staying high
and connecting to the trail in the woods (do not follow the cat track that
goes off to the left and down - stay on the ridge).  This trail will go
above treeline and follow the ridge to Deception Peak.

From Deception Peak, continue North across the knife edge to Lake
Peak.There are multiple options. You can stay on the ridge and boulder
hop. I take the trail that drops on the east side and skirts the ridge,
climbing back on the lake peak side. From Lake Peak, follow the trail east
to the saddle under Penetente. The trail traverses east, but leave the
trail at the saddle and go cross country directly to the peak. From the
peak, continue cross country north regaining the trail before tree line.
Continue on the trail to Puerto Nambe and the intersection with Windsor
Trail. Turn left on Windsor and follow about 1/2 mi to the intersection of
the trail to Baldy. Do and out and back to the Top of Baldy. Then follow
Windsor back to the TH. Short option is to skip Baldy.

Low elevation: 9800 ft. High elevations: Lake Peak - 12409 ft.
Penitente Peak - 12160 ft. Santa Fe Baldy - 12622 ft.
Water: 2, 9, 13, 17 mi.
Records: Male: Leo Torres 2:56:56(92)
Male Master: Leo Torres 3:19:55 (95)
Female: Katie Gengler 3:46:00(98)
Female Master: Ginny LaForme 4:26:59(95)

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