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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Three Peaks

Today ran three peaks....just me and the dogs. Where are all the runners that are missing out on these fantastic runs?
The run started out sunny and warm, but ended up in the middle of some nasty storms. Marley and Gibbs, my dogs and I made it to just below the Baldy Summit when I saw a lightening strike up near the top, so we turned around. I was getting really cold anyway and it was windy up there. So I'm guessing I ran a mile less than the 20 mile total in 5:27. It was hard, but a great workout.

As I was running down the paved road in the beginning, Mike Donovan drove up and said he got a late start but would try to catch me. An injury and deteriorating weather caused him to bail at the ski slope on the top of the road.

Photos here:

Up next is the Silverton Silver next Saturday....will anyone show? I can't even get the RD to respond to my emails!
Steve Pero


Anonymous said...

Silverton Silver is the same weekend as Leadville 100 and Pike's Peak...IF I could get up to Silverton, I would rather be there ;^)

Jason Taylor said...

Im having the same trouble with the RD, was going to go up and do the 50k, but can't make it to packet pickup and have been trying to get confirmation that it's okay for me to get stuff morning of. Oh well, gonna go watch the US Pro Cycling instead and run somewhere else for free.